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Noriko Yamaya  
Actress, playwright.
Brought up in Tokyo.
After graduating from Oin-Gakuen High School, she studied at the Drama School of the Bungaku-za Theatrical Company.  She has acted in various plays as a member of the prestigious Bungaku-za. 
In 2011, she started her career as a playwright, establishing a theatrical company called Ring-Bong.  She also facilitates theatre-workshops.
Citizen lecturer at the Metropolitan General High School of the Arts
Member of the Japan Playwrights Association
Executive member of Theatre-People Against War 
Trustee of Maruki Museum

As an Actress

A Transfer Student (Aoyama Drama Festival)
Since the Moon’s So Bright (Bungaku-za Atelier) (Stage debut)
Woman Worship, Don Juan (Bungaku-za)
My Sister in this House, Looking for Albert (Bungaku-za Atelier)
Lo, an Aeroplane is Flying in the Sky (Setagaya Public Theatre)
Measure for Measure, A Merchant in Venice (Shakespeare for Children)
Gaslight (Theatre 101)
NEWSNEWS (Tokyo Geijutsu-za Production)
Teachers under the Earth, 893 Missing Ravens, Beyond the Limit (HHG)
An Affair in the Darkness, A Snowy Promise, etc. (Ring-Bong)

Plays (other than Ring-Bong)

The Two Skies (Bungaku-za Independent Project) (the First play)
An Ephemeral Memory (Kenichi Kato Office)
A Border: 38th Parallel North in the Mind (Tokyo Geijutsu-za)
Kizuna of Ibis, Polaris: the Guiding Star, Coronae: the Rings of the Sun, A Transparent Crayon, 
Kizuna of Ibis 2016 (Kanagawa Kizuna Project)
Whale-Waves, or Battle Cries: a Ship Called Lucky-Dragon, Fukuryu-maru No. 5
(Yamanashi Musical for the Constitution)
The Ladder of an Angel (Platinum Next)
A Magic Seed, Grand-pa’s Lamp, A Red Candle and a Mermaid (A Toy Box of Stories)
Life on a Refrigerator (Hyogo Prefectural Art Centre) (the script for the production)
It’ll Be Good if it’s Fine (Youthful Adventure: NHK Radio) (dramatization)